Become partners – together stronger

Reasons to become partners:

There are some hurdles that you can face if you are not a partner of M & L. Let us show you here:

Software & Data Security

Powerful software, especially secure hardware, for the handling of sensitive data.
With us as a partner, you are quickly given new mandates and we give you a working concept at hand. At the same time, you have access to professional software and know your data is in secure hands on maintained servers. The data is processed and saved in a data center.

Establish the client base

The market for accounting and payroll is large and there are more than enough clients for each of us. But they are not coming to you at the beginning. This is due to a special feature of our service: trust – in your person – in your competence – in your reliability – in your loyalty and confidentiality – in your data security and so on. And it takes time to build this confidence. Here you can receive a trust advance through our partnership. We have been in the market for many years – we look after hundreds of clients and regularly add new ones. We are recommended by satisfied clients, we are found on the internet – we can share.

Your own organization

When the number of clients increases to a certain extent, organizational challenges arise. You must keep an eye on deadlines and appointments, the failure of which usually lead to disadvantages for your clients. Here one needs not only a reasonable liability for property damage, but also a usable procedure for avoiding breakdowns.
We support you with the right concept and tools. Do not forget that you need some vacation and sometimes even get sick. Then you are not alone and a partner can be a substitute. Workspaces can also be distributed among partners.


And what about professional advice? Sometimes you will be pushed to your limits. Then having a professional at your side is valuable. We, too, can not (and may not) do everything, but as our partner, we will take you to our specialist network of accountants, payroll specialists, and tax consultants.

What you as a partner expect of us:

If we are to fit together and begin a partnership, then of course it will be on a solid contractual basis. The most important cornerstones of this contract are the following services:

Marketing support

We integrate you into our internet presence. Suitable for your specialization and competencies, requests from clients are forwarded to you. We also provide the right tools for the calculation and the resulting pricing.

Hardware and software access

You get secure access to our terminal server. All you need is an internet connection. Then use the professional and powerful BMD software.
Also included are Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, virus protection, and backup.
We take care of regular maintenance and updates for software and hardware.
You save yourself a lot of investment and running costs and have your back in this very important area for free.

Organizational support

We help you with advice, action, and internal tools for self-organization. These are Word and Excel templates, checklists, and sample texts. However, these are just some tools to help you – you remain completely free in your business decisions.

Emergency, vacation, medical and accident

In case of need for a husband or wife, we arrange holiday and illness representations. All modern computer systems help us, because thanks to the central server, it is always possible to process clients from another office. Here it pays off that we work with the same templates and create with each client a kind of manual for the accounting – the procedural documentation. This means that the employee is interchangeable and the client does not change in principle. Of course, this is done under strict regulations. It is not only about sensitive data, but also about the protection of the mandates. And for the trust, as already mentioned – the backbone of our trade.

Professional support

Of course, we expect you to have sufficient expertise and professional experience. You must bring these requirements anyway, otherwise you can not become a partner. And, better, not a self-employed accountant or payroll specialist. But in special cases and even at the beginning, we also help you with technical questions. You will learn how to handle the BMD software through seminars or seminar videos.

What we expect from our partners:

Of course we do this not just because of the Olympic idea. We receive performance and you receive consideration. As a partner on equal terms.
The costs are transparent and can be referred to at any time. They consist of three types:

Start-up costs:

You pay a registration fee to the club in order to become a partner.

Fixed costs:

You pay a monthly fee for server and software usage, depending on the number of workstations you use.

Variable costs:

Depending on turnover, a collection for marketing and organizational support is possible.
A certain part of technical support is included in this and special tasks are charged directly with our partners.

What is to be expected for all of us:

Our profession is very demanding and involves many risks, but also opportunities and benefits. Together, we increase the added value for all stakeholders:

  • They benefit from our structure and competence.
  • We benefit from your performance and commitment.
  • Clients benefit from the combination of our forces.
  • Together we can achieve more!

Are you interested? Do you fulfill these requirements?

  • Are you a balance sheet accountant, recruiter, or tax consultant?
  • At home do you have a PC, printer and internet connection?
  • Do you have the will and support from your private environment to take the step into (partial) independence?

Then simply send us your application with a short CV. Then we can get to know each other personally and find out if we fit together.

You do not take any risk. If we do not match, we promise you absolute privacy and confidentiality per your request.