References, partnerships and memberships

References of our clients

The following clients have allowed us to use them as our reference companies and clients.



And here is a list of more clients:

  • AH-Reisen e.U.
  • Autopark Grödig GmbH
  • Bamberger GmbH
  • CC&A Travel Agency GmbH.
  • Coffee Press GmbH
  • Design Druck GmbH
  • Hotel Salzburg Betriebsges. m. b. H.
  • Hygienetechniklabor GmbH.
  • IZE Media OG
  • Martina Leukermoser e.U.
  • New Trends Handels GmbH
  • printy’s Grafik- & Mediendesign GmbH
  • Salzburg College Gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Siekhaus & Matic Media GmbH
  • Sound of Music World GmbH
  • Stempel Schneider KG
  • Stöckl GmbH
  • Taxi Schmid GmbH
  • X-plus-Management GmbH
  • Easyrider extreme Watch GmbH
  • SOLARIS Austria GmbH
  • Fischhof Betriebs GmbH
  • Burhan Kahveci KG
  • Expert Computer & Handyservice
  • M.C.E. Event GmbH
  • moma – Mobiles Management e.U. – Moser Maria
  • Martin Gmachl KG

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Memberships of M & L

Austrian Economic Chamber – UBIT Research Group

Accountant and Controller Club of Salzburg

Accountant and Controller Club of Lower Austria

Federal Association of Austrian Accountants

Interesting links on third party websites

BMD Software – the manufacturer of our bookkeeping software

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