Who we are – the team introduces themselves

Let us introduce ourselves and show who we are

“Who we are is from the definition of our being, our doing, and our education.

Moser Barbara - wer wir sind oser Barbara (Owner M & L GmbH)

Bookkeeping & Personal Accounting, Employee Assessment (tax rebate)

Moser Markus - wer wir sind oser Markus (Owner M & L GmbH)

Financial statements, Bookkeeping & Personal Accounting

cherndl Andreas Mag. BA LLB.OEC (Owner M & L Steuerberatungs-GmbH)

Tax accounting, Bookkeeping & Representation

Leukermoser Erwin F. - wer wir sind eukermoser Erwin F. (M & L Verein = Partner and Co-Founder)

Accounting, Corporate Consulting & IT Consulting

Karasu Murat - wer wir sind urat Karasu (M & L Verein = Partner)
Baumgartner Gabriela - wer wir sind aumgartner Gabriela (M & L Verein = Partner RIP)
Accounting & Company Consulting
Visotschnig Michael Klaus - wer wir sind isotschnig Michael Klaus (M & L Verein = Partner)
isotschnig Daniela (M & L Verein = Partner)


oser Maria (M & L Verein = Partner)
Moser Simone oser Simone


Chico hico

Collections Management


Collections Management

Who are we and where do we want to go?

Looking for partnerships

We are still looking for partners, tax consultants, clients and people who want to share with us the success and fun of accounting. We will do all we can to help you. This is a way to develop future with profitable cooperation.

How are we found?

Have you, or perhaps friends of yours, already considered:

Do I want to be self-employed?
Do I want to live my life myself?
Do I want to stop working for someone else who tells me what I have to do and leave?

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, you should establish contact with M & L and talk with us. We can then find a way with you that will help us all to succeed. Look at the possibilities you can open up through a partnership and cooperation with M & L. If you are a person and a partner in our family, which has helped many people to succeed and have fun, you can succeed and grow with us.

What will we ask of you?

Well, success does not come by itself. We ask for your commitment and willingness to contribute. You learn to work with us and thus have success.