Why us – a partner on your side

Decide for yourself why

Lots of money for a poor service
The cost-effective proven alternative.

Do you feel that your consultant is not personally looking after you?

Do you suspect that your accounting is done by someone else every month?

Are you annoyed because you are asked to pay more money for each small extras?

Regardless of whether you are an EPU, StartUp or KMU, we are partners wherever your money goes. In addition, we guarantee personal and comprehensive support in all financial and tax matters.

What is important to us

Your accountant makes it personal

With us, you always have the same contact person that is most familiar with your company.
And so that we can always be there for you, we work as a team. Only then, and also only in the agency case, will another work on your books.

Advice even at the “most impossible” times – of course we are at your disposal even in extraordinary times in an emergency. This is our personal service.

Extensive follow-up discussions are self-evident. And when “the hat burns” we are there for you. You can also reach us on the phone outside the office hours.

No one can know anything

In the event that we can not provide you with comprehensive advice or assistance or if you need a legal adviser, we work together with tax consultants, economic advisors and auditors as well as lawyers and notaries.

These partnerships guarantee you comprehensive service.