Accounting services for your company

Services for clients

Professional accounting is a foundation for business success. Effective company decisions are always based on the services of our accounting department.

Our core competency – tax consulting, accounting, controlling

Optimal consulting, accounting and planning as well as accurate budgeting ensure the future of your company. We work together as a team with our cooperation partners (lawyers, notaries) on your affairs. Important for you: a start-up and appointment here with us in the office where we discuss the advice and assistance you need together with the respective partner.

M & L is your partner platform

Participate in success as a partner

Are you an independent accountant or a personnel and payroll accountant? Are you looking for clients? Or are you appropriately qualified and plan to step into professional independence?

Then M & L can serve you as a platform! With our tried-and-tested system of possibilities and achievements, we offer the optimal form and the suitable opportunity for your professional and entrepreneurial future.

Who are we and where do we want to go?

Search for partnerships that can grow through us and with us

We are still looking for partners, tax consultants, clients and people who want to share with us the success and fun of accounting. We will do all we can to help you. This is a way to develop future with profitable cooperation.

How are we found?

Have you, or perhaps friends of yours, already considered:

Do I want to be self-employed?

Do I want to live my life myself?

Do I want to stop working for someone else who tells me what I have to do and leave?

If you have answered yes to any one of these questions, you should establish contact with M & L and talk with us. We can then find a way with you that will help us all to succeed. Look at the possibilities you can open up through a partnership and cooperation with M & L. If you are a person and a partner in our family, which has helped many people to succeed and have fun, you can succeed and grow with us.

What will we ask of you?

Well, success does not come by itself. We ask for your commitment and willingness to contribute. You learn to work with us and thus have success. Our way of working guarantees our clients an efficient and problem-free cooperation. This applies to both our partners and our clients. Each partner has the possibility to work with us and our system. All you need is your will to work with us together.