Management consultancy is an important part of our work

Unternehmensberatung - oftmals erst dann als wichtig angesehen wenn es zu spät ist und der Schaden bereits eingetreten istWhy Business Consulting?

Corporate consultancy and control are important. Only those who know exactly what is going on in their company can also act properly and are not dependent on reacting. A control system and control body should be available in every company. Of course, this is costly, but can you afford to afford this instrument?

Only those who recognize warning signals in a timely manner are able to control them in a targeted way.

Competitive advantage through operational excellence

Operational excellence is the optimization and alignment of business processes and organizational structures to customer needs, efficiency and quality across all functions of the value chain. The distinction between the competition is achieved by operational excellence and is the answer to questions of profitability, growth, and competitiveness.


We focus on the essentials and recognize hidden potentials:

  • Lack of customer orientation in the organization
  • Complex, sluggish and cost-intensive build-up structures
  • Unnecessary interfaces
  • Unclear distribution of tasks, competencies and responsibilities
  • Ineffective and inflexible use of resources
  • Hidden power loss and waste
  • Lack of discipline and consequence of the leadership
  • Incorrect use of instruments and tools
  • Inefficient and non-competitive business processes and cost structures
  • Lack of transparency in the provision of services
  • Lack of change in employees and managers

Is your company growing?

  • Is your company ready for future challenges?
  • Do you have the organizational foundations, know-how and strength to compete?
  • Is the organization geared to the expectations of the customers?
  • Are the services offered by the customer honored? What is the degree of service to be a competitive advantage?
  • Is the organization innovative and clever?
  • What can we do to make efficient processes and structures effective, powerful, and flexible?
  • How can we sustainably improve the result?
  • How can we improve our services in the long term?

We recognize potential and convince with facts

We analyze structures, processes and workflows and go into detail. This way, we recognize unused growth potentials and fault developments, showing potential for optimization in depth and making visible losses.

We provide input and develop viable solutions

With practical experience, we bring in concrete ideas and find ways to optimize processes and cost structures. We coordinate all the parts on the comprehensive whole and, together with you, build the bridge between your strategy and the operative business.

Together with you on site, ideas are developed and implemented

We work with you and your employees on site and follow the optimization steps – stubbornly and purposefully. With the help of an operational planning and control system, objectives are formulated and transported in a simple way and comprehensible to everyone. Creativity and willingness to act are promoted at all levels and thus experienced as an ongoing process.

We are your drive and the engine for the optimization process

We are aware of the difficulty of initiating necessary changes in self-government in addition to the daily business. For this reason, we are your driver for change – your drive to consistency and discipline in the implementation. We create acceptance for change as well as the basis for a new and “feasible” whole. If necessary, we also integrate selected employees of your company into our project team in order to transfer our know-how and ensure the sustainability of the results on a lasting basis.

We offer a cost guarantee and achieve binding, measurable results

It is only when the agreed targets and measurement points are completed and sustained that we consider our projects to be successful. We will not exceed our previously agreed maximum rate, but a reduction of the previously agreed project and cost range will be in your favor.

  • Return on Consulting
    A quantifiable, quantitative goal is agreed with you before the start and this is guaranteed by us.
  • Know-how guarantee
    Our employees and partners have in-depth practical experience in various industries. This means we work from the start, actively and input-oriented to your problem solution.
  • Practical Services
    The project team consists of personalities and experts who know how to inspire your employees with new ideas and ways.
  • Warranty costs
    The performance package is clearly defined and is defined with a pre-agreed maximum price. A reduction of the scope of consultation and cost is in your favor. Exceeding the agreed-upon cost is impossible.
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    A project is only ended for us when the agreed objectives are reached. We work until you are satisfied. We will not charge you for the additional services we provide.