Tax consultants – our personal tax advice

The activities of a tax consultant are manifold and varied. The services of tax consulting can be divided into three areas:

The tax consultant and their activities

  • Declaration advice: describes the preparation of tax declarations and the verification of tax assessments
  • Design consultancy: means consulting for optimal tax design and development
  • Enforcement counseling: representation of the taxpayer against the financial administration and financial courts
The additional activities that can be carried out with the profession of tax consultancy are becoming increasingly important. This includes the business management consulting in the areas of accounting, controlling, cost, profitability and liquidity analysis. In addition, the experience and competence of a tax consultant is also called for in investment and financial decisions, but the tax consultant can also provide expert assistance and help with company foundations, restructuring and planning company successes. In addition, they can act as trustee, mediator or insolvency administrator.

Consulting in tax matters

This is the classic work of a tax consultant. They advise their clients on all aspects of optimal tax structuring and provide advice on questions regarding private or company legal relationships, taking into account tax aspects. In addition, they can assist with changing the legal form of a company and give advice. They also maintain contact with authorities or third parties in matters relating to the law, examine tax assessments, take part in audits, and inform clients about changes in tax law.

Handling of tax matters

The processing of tax matters includes, in particular, the preparation of tax clarifications (income tax declaration, corporation tax declarations, trade tax declarations, turnover tax declarations, etc.), tax applications (income tax, capital income tax registration and sales tax prepayment) and various applications.

Preparation of balance sheets

This includes the accounting, as well as the preparation of financial statements (income statement, opening balance sheet, annual accounts, interim financial statements, balance sheet, liquidation and various reports).

Representation in tax matters and fine matters

A tax consultant may be entitled to make certain applications to the tax offices (adjustment of the tax advance, extension of the tax period, deferral of tax debts, reimbursement of tax relief, cancellation of tax registration, remission of taxation, cancellation or amendment of a tax assessment and reimbursement of foreign withholding tax). They also enforce the rights of their clients before the tax offices or the financial courts.

Assistance in insolvency

In addition to the important business consulting at the beginning, the tax consultant can examine the reorganization possibility of a company and make appropriate restructuring proposals. They provide information on the advantages and disadvantages of the out-of-court settlement and can draw up expert opinions as well as insolvency and payment plans, while also being in a position to examine them. In addition, a tax consultant provides insolvency advice, the administration and liquidation of a company, in their services.

Mandatory audits

A tax consultant, in cooperation with an auditor, can carry out all necessary checks for his clients and thus prepare audit reports according to legal requirements. We work with external auditors.

Further services

Of course, a tax consultant can also provide additional services. For example: self-employed business advice, mediation, managing foreign assets, holding company shares for third parties, exercising shareholder rights, acting as an advisory and supervisory board, acting as arbitrators, acting as insolvency administrators, forecasters, administrators, liquidators, emergency managers by court order, members in creditors’ committees, as well as the activity as house administrator and administrator according to the housing property law, etc.