Animal Welfare

The protection and the help for the animals of our environment has always been dear to us. Now we have decided to adopt a sponsorship for the animals of the Gut Aiderbichl near Salzburg.
The small foal “Karino” impressed us with a visit so much that we decided to take over the sponsorship for him.

Karino’s story

When a visitor at a “cattle yard” witnessed the desperation of a mare which was to be loaded onto the death-carrier to Italy, he got involved. He could not stand the despair of the horse he had never met before. The price he offered to the merchant made him sell the 20-year-old mare to the visitor. The new owner reported to us and expressed the assumption that the mare was pregnant. One more reason to bring them to us. On September 9, 2011, Esperanza gave the birth to little Karino. If he stays healthy, he can grow to be around 40 years old.